Very entertaining, professional, very, very good singing. Welcome back soon. Nice to have a travelling show company come to us
I want to thank you for a lovely afternoon. Please come again.
Sunnycrest Nursing Home
I like the show very much. I’d be glad if you came back again.
Sunnycrest Nursing Home
Such talent. I always enjoy Smile Theatre.
This was a fabulous show. We enjoyed the songs, the singing and the spirit. Thank you very much.
Elliott & Barbara
I have had the privilege of being entertained by Smile Theatre twice since my short time here at Participation House. It is a wonderful and enlightening change for our clients now and then, compared to the program we offer them each day. They smile, laugh, clap, even sing and try to add in a few words of their own! Some clients who don’t come out to our day program, come out for Smile Theatre.
Maureen, Staff Member
Participation House
I really enjoyed the performance. It was really great. Our residents enjoyed it too. Thanks for putting a smile on their faces.
Staff Member
Great interaction. I really enjoyed the show. So original and the scene is so real. The residents enjoyed it too by the laughter and smiles on their faces. Well done!
Staff Member
This is a hit. When are they coming back?
This is my first show at Seven Oaks. I was pleasantly surprised. They are very good. Hope they come again soon.
Excellent entertainment! Due to the fact that Smile Theatre travels to us at our L.T.C. home, increases the amount of people that are able to enjoy fun and memorable songs and dances.
Fantastic show! Loved the message behind the show. Thought it helps our seniors in making choices for leisure and recreation. You’re amazing!