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Imagine how it is to feel isolated and lonely, miss social outings because you live on a fixed income, be restricted by physical ailments, live far away from entertainment venues — to need a break, even for an hour, to lift your spirits and energize your soul.

That’s what thousands of seniors in Ontario wake up to each and every day. Nothing to look forward to, no one to share memories with … just another empty day. These forgotten seniors could be relatives, friends, neighbours, members of your community. They’ve worked hard all their lives, saved to provide a better future for their families — and now they’re alone. Occasionally someone remembers to send a card, call or visit for a few minutes — a small ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak day.

Is that all there is?

Not if we have our way! We’re Smile Theatre and, for more than 40 years, we’ve been the only charitable company in Canada bringing professional live theatre directly to seniors where they live — in nursing homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities, seniors’ residences. Each of our original productions contains music because it gives audience members, including those with cognitive impairments, an opportunity to share in the fun.

We create performances seniors can relate to … about subjects they’re familiar with … taking them back to a time when they were young. After each show, the audience meets with Smile performers to have programs signed and share thoughts, feelings and memories. It’s a popular, heart-warming feature of the Smile Experience.

How can you help? Become our partner in putting a Smile on the face of every vulnerable senior in Ontario.
We’ve seen first-hand the difference a Smile performance makes.

A tap of the foot, a twinkle in the eye, a voice lifted in song and a smile of joy.  These simple gestures are often signs of something much deeper and more important than appreciation. They are indicators of the power of wonderful performances to help seniors forget aches, pains, loneliness and despair, and enjoy some lively entertainment.

What’s a Smile worth? Your donation helps ensure that seniors today and in the future have joy, hope and fun in their lives. Please give a little to those who have given a lot. Help break isolation and loneliness for those who experience it most.

You can donate today by calling Smile Theatre at 416-599-8440. You can also donate on-line at CanadaHelps — just click on the button below.

Why We Need
Your Help

Each year, we receive hundreds of requests from underserved community groups which we cannot currently fulfill. If we had the financial resources, we could offer Smile performances to seniors in every part of Ontario and beyond.

We believe every senior is within reach.

There are many community groups who cannot even afford our minimal subsidized performance fee.

Since our performance fees cover only a third of our actual costs, we need funds to continue serving our existing audiences — many of whom look forward to the next Smile performance even before the last one is over.

Our mandate has always been to ensure that every Smile production is an original Canadian work. We support the ongoing creation of development workshops and playwright commissions to provide our audiences with unique, professional and entertaining performances.

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You Can Help – Donate Now

We raise money one dedicated supporter at a time. Each person, group or company has a distinctive and personal reason for donating to Smile but they all have one thing in common. They want to help us break down barriers and energize the minds, spirits and imaginations of our seniors!

Every dollar you donate will go to put a Smile on a lonely senior’s face. We keep our overhead and administrative costs low to ensure we can entertain as many seniors as possible every season.

For more information on how you can become a Smile Booster, call Smile Theatre at 416-599-8440 ext. 222.